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  • Every pair of full price Assembly Label jeans sold from Thursday 11 August 2022 onwards comes with a promise of free repairs. We repair any broken area of the denim and you can repair them as many times as needed, no matter when or where they were bought.
  • Assembly Label products are designed to the highest standards of quality and functionality.
    To send your jeans in for repair, please reach out to our Customer Care team at who will be able to assist with your repair or by emailing Please include a description of the fault/what needs to be repaired and attach a photo.
  • Once your item is sent back to us, our team will assess the repair and provide you with either next steps on the repair process if a repair can be processed. If the repair is unable to be actioned your item will be donated to our Re-Worn program and we will issue you a replacement.
  • This applies to full-price styles from the new collection launch and items sold directly through and
    Please note: For the safety of our repair team, we ask that all items posted in for repair or assessment are freshly washed and dry. Dirty items will be returned unrepaired.
  • We do our best to repair your jeans quickly and will send through a repair timeframe once we have received your garment.
  • Please note, that during peak times it may take 4 - 6 weeks to fully process and return your repair.
  • We do our best to find a perfect match, in terms of fabric and hardware, when we repair your item.
  • In cases where we do not have an exact match available, we’ll do our best to get as close as possible.
  • For safety and sanitary reasons, by law all items need to be sent in a clean condition; our repair technicians will appreciate it! Please note: sending unclean garments for repair can delay the process and incur a laundry fee.