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Assembly Label Swimwear

Assembly Label Swimwear
Our new Swimwear collection embodies a coastal lifestyle and celebrates an Australian Summer by the beach. We caught up with Susan Caldwell, our Head of Product to speak about the design philosophy and inspiration behind the collection.
Pleunie wears the Phoebe Top and Frankie Brief in Black.
Where do you draw your inspiration from when designing new collections and what inspired the colour palette for this seasons Swimwear collection? 
Inspiration comes from all around, I have always had a strong love of colour and am fascinated by the intense colours of the Australian landscape – how the natural colours compliment and interact with each other and way colours naturally fade and soften over time and change depending on the seasons and the light. This seasons Swimwear colour palette was inspired by the plant life found along the Australian coast. Intense and rich, but with an innate beauty and softness.
This collection is supporting Healthy Seas – can you tell us a little bit more about that?
The swim pieces are crafted from premium Italian fabric – a blend of regenerated nylon with lycra. The nylon is regenerated from old fishing nets and supports the 'Healthy Seas' initiative whose aim is to clean the oceans and seas of marine litter such as derelict fishing nets which are responsible for the accidental death of marine wildlife. The initiative also works with fishing communities and educational programs, raising awareness to prevent further pollution of the seas with these 'ghost nets'. Our brand is deeply rooted and passionate about celebrating the Australian coast and Marine Conservation Society very close to our hearts.
Pleunie wears the Halle Top and Lucia Brief in Black and the Zoe Swimsuit in Cayenne.

What are your favourite pieces from the collection and why?

That’s a really hard one, I love the versatility of the four bikini shapes which allow you to mix and match the tops and bottoms to create different looks. If I have to choose one it would be the simple classic silhouette of the one piece...timeless and flattering. 

What do you hope people feel and experience when wearing Assembly Label?

Relaxed, confident, comfortable and happy.

Pleunie wears the Halle Top and Lucia Brief in Cayenne.
What would your advice be to those looking to introduce a more minimalist style into their wardrobes?
Less really is more – the most simple things are often the most beautiful. Creating a capsule wardrobe of essentials made from good quality materials will not just save you time, but will allow you more freedom to be creative. Incorporate seasonal colours by mixing and matching items to create different outfits and create fresh new looks from timeless pieces that are already staples in your wardrobe.
Lastly, how do you plan to spend your Summer?
Summer is truly my favourite time of year. The long days, the colours, the smells, the sounds of summer... I plan to spend as much of it as possible outdoors in my favourite places, on the beach, at the park with my puppy, on my yoga mat, catching up with friends and family soaking up every moment of our amazing Australian summer
Pleuine wears the Zoe Swimsuit in Black.


Assembly Label Swimwear is available in Black, Pumice, Seagrass, Dark Auburn and Cayenne. Offered in five flattering silhouettes to suit all body types and designed to mix and match. Each style has been crafted from the finest regenerated Italian nylon/ lycra offering breathability, UV protection and a resistance to sunscreen and oil. Providing comfort, ease and versatility, Assembly Label Swimwear offers timeless and minimal one and two-piece designs perfect for those long days by the water.
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