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Our Commitment to Transparency

Our Commitment to Transparency

Since Assembly Label was established in 2011, it’s been our mission to constantly reevaluate how we work and find ways to be more transparent with our community. We’d like to take the opportunity to reflect on what we’ve been up to, and share some of our goals for the future.


Working Towards B Corp

While a clothing brand can never be truly sustainable, we’re committed to driving positive change through circular design, responsible purchasing practices and using natural and recycled fibres. We’re also doing the work to obtain B Corp certification, which measures a company’s entire social and environmental impact. One of our major goals is achieving carbon neutrality.


Photography Saskia Wilson
Photography Saskia Wilson


Circular Design

At Assembly Label we only make what we believe will have longevity. We do this by designing products that will endure trends, using natural and recycled fibres, choosing high-quality materials and finishes and offering highly curated collections. We are committed to designing with the entire lifecycle of our clothing in mind, which means they can be repaired, reused or recycled.
In 2021 we launched Re-Worn, a circular service designed to extend the life of Assembly Label products. It’s another step towards taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle of our clothing. When customers contribute their pre-loved Assembly Label pieces to Re-Worn, we gain valuable insight into what styles and materials have durability and longevity. Re-Worn shows us what timeless design really looks like and reveals the pieces we’ll still be wearing ten years from now.


The Truth About Re-Worn

We launched Re-Worn because we envision a future in which we all embrace circular practices such as repairs, resale and recycling. A common misconception is that by selling a pre-owned garment through Re-Worn, we are profiting twice. This isn’t the case. At the time of writing, Re-Worn is not a profitable part of our business and all sales from Re-Worn go back into providing this service, such as laundering and freight.
We understand there are many ways you can extend the life of your clothing. We encourage you to embrace the circular practices that work for you, whether that’s donating to charity, selling via a marketplace platform or contributing to Re-Worn.


Photography Saskia Wilson
Photography Saskia Wilson