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At Home With Lauren Trend

At Home With Lauren Trend

Lauren Trend is the founder of Self Practice, a holistic research platform that explores what it means to live well and take care of our physical, emotional, intellectual and creative selves. Self Practice occupies a unique corner of the internet where design, art and wellbeing intersect - it’s the sort of place you go whether you’re in need of a fresh perspective, mindful advice or aesthetic inspiration. Here, Lauren shares some of her wisdom, and style, with us.

Lauren wears the Lena Cashmere Sweat in Black.

The past few months “have been a whirlwind” for Lauren Trend. In late 2021, Lauren and her partner Lucy Higgins became mothers to a daughter, Mila, and Lauren is adjusting to the new rhythms of life. “She’s everything we dreamed of and more,” says Lauren. “We’ve found our footing as a new family and I honestly couldn’t be happier within this incredible new chapter of our lives.”

It’s natural to wonder whether Lauren’s multidisciplinary platform Self Practice has helped her navigate this new chapter. In her own words, Self Practice began as a personal inquiry into what it means to be well - physically, emotionally, intellectually and creatively. “I found that in my own experience, I was only ever capable of focusing on one, maybe two, of these areas of wellbeing at once.” Lauren launched Self Practice as an editorial platform, “to house conversations with my peers, about how one deals with tending to all parts of themselves, so we can flourish across all areas of life”, and it quickly grew into a global community that encompasses resources, workshops and events. The most fulfilling part of building Self Practice, she says, is “providing people with tools that put them back in touch with themselves. Those moments of feeling inspired, on track or at ease are invaluable. To know that what we offer offers that to so many, makes me proud.” 

Reflecting on how far her business has come, Lauren says, “I’m a painfully sentimental person and while it’s easy to get caught up in the minutia of the day-to-day, I’m often stepping back and saying to myself, ‘wow, we built this!’”. Building her Self Practice community has also shifted Lauren’s definition of success. For me, success has come to be measured by how I feel when my head hits the pillow each night. While it’s often nice to receive, I gave up chasing external recognition some time ago,” she says. “My truest measure of professional success and the centre of gravity from which I make all decisions is personal fulfilment.”

That sense of fulfilment now extends to motherhood, and Lauren is embracing the way her own self practices and routines are evolving. “In the first few weeks my focus was entirely on Mila, and over time I’ve slowly started to reintroduce and prioritise the things that allow me to fill my own cup,” she shares. “I now love my early mornings when she’s still sleeping or down for a nap. That’s often when I’ll practice some gentle movement, get some journaling in, and apply some skincare before having my morning coffee and sitting down to work for the day.” Lauren and Lucy are also introducing Mila to her own rituals. “Her evening bath time is such a special part of our days. We dim the lights and listen to some calming music while she has her last feed before bed. She loves winding down at the end of the day just as much as I do. It’s a ritual I hope we share for many years to come.” 

At home in Melbourne’s inner-north, Lauren is surrounded by a community she treasures. Here, right now, Lauren hopes to be a present mother, and to gain confidence “in the dance between the parent and the professional in me”. Indeed the following sentiment rings truer than ever: “We don’t find time, we make it,” Lauren says of the simple but profound piece of advice she swears by. At such an uncharted point in her life, Lauren still seems to find the inspiration to inspire others. But where? She’s quick to reveal her secret. “My partner Lucy, currently and always. I’m just in awe of the person she is. Seeing her become a mother and doing so with such ease and happiness. She’s the anchor of our little family and I’ve never loved her more.”

“I’ll practice some gentle movement, get some journalling in and apply some skincare before having my morning coffee and sitting down to work for the day.”

A.L How would you describe your personal aesthetic? 

Minimal and grounding. 

A.L. If we opened your wardrobe, what would we find?

Lots of oversized suiting, earthy tones and staple pieces. Most people might be surprised that my wardrobe only consists of a handful of garments, but it’s something I’m incredibly conscious of - only consuming that which I absolutely need. 

A.L. How would you describe your everyday uniform? 

Neutral, classic and crisp. Polished with minimal effort.

A.L. Your ultimate style icon?

My mother. She does classic, equestrian style so well. 

A.L. What design eras, designers or artists are you drawn to? 

I always return to the Art Deco, Bauhaus and Modernist greats Charlotte Perriand, Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer… But Eileen Gray & Jean Prouvé prove to be top of mind forever favourites! 

A.L. Do you have any other creative influences that continue to inform your style? 

Having studied design I’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to some incredible minds over the years, but I’d say the biggest influence on my personal style has been Tonne Goodman. 

A.L. What was the last piece of work that moved you?

I’m reading All About Love: New Visions by Bell Hooks with the Self Practice Bookclub and it’s one of those texts that just makes you see the world differently.