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A Guide to Extending The Life of Your Clothes

A Guide to Extending The Life of Your Clothes

In 12 years of business, Assembly Label has never sent its products to landfill and we believe it is our responsibility to ensure your old Assembly Label items don’t end up there either. We envision a future in which take-back services like Re-Worn are the norm and we all embrace circular practices. We’re not there yet, but there are things we can all do to get more use of out of what we already have, give our wardrobes longevity, save money and ultimately extend the lifecycle of our clothing. Here are six simple habits and practices that will make a positive change.


Wash With Care

It can be tempting to throw your dirty towels, clothes and delicates into the machine and wash them on a regular cycle. But taking the time to read the garment label and give your clothing the right care will keep it in premium condition for longer. Different fabrics like wool, cashmere, denim and silk have specific washing and drying requirements — read our tips on how to wash these Assembly Label fabrics here. Harsh chemicals and stain removers can also cause havoc, so we suggest switching to gentle eco-friendly laundry detergents that are kinder to clothes and water.


Photography Saskia Wilson
Photography Saskia Wilson



Mending your clothes means you’ll enjoy many more years of wear. Assembly Label offers free professional repairs for minors flaws on Assembly Label products, and you can visit any of our stores to take advantage of this complimentary circular service. If a garment you love doesn’t fit quite right, invest in the services of a reputable tailor or clothes alterer, and if your shoes need a new sole take them to your local cobbler. Of course the easiest (and cheapest) option is to learn how to mend a small tear, fix a pulled seam or sew a button yourself.

Choose Timeless Over Trends

Building a wardrobe with longevity starts with what we buy. It can feel satisfying to be a part of the latest fashion trend, but how long will you want to wear these of-the-moment styles? When considering whether an item is truly timeless, ask yourself if you will wear it in five or ten years time, feel the durability of the fabric and check whether it is made using strong natural fibres. We only make what we believe will have longevity and are committed to offering tightly curated collections that are timeless in style and quality.


No matter how mindfully you shop, eventually there will be pieces that no longer fit or suit your style. Don’t throw these clothes in the bin — let them find love again. Before you donate your unwanted items make sure they are clean and in good condition, and consider whether you’d give them to a friend. Then, find out what organisations and charities are in need of quality clothes, from warm winter gear to formal workwear. Check out organisations such as Dress For Success, Red Cross Shops and Givit, which ensure donations reach the people who need them.


Photography Saskia Wilson
Photography Saskia Wilson


Contribute to Re-Worn

If you have pre-loved Assembly Label items that you no longer wear, return them to our Re-Worn take-back service and we’ll make sure they don’t go to landfill. All contributions are inspected, professionally laundered and, if required, repaired in Sydney before becoming part of a Re-Worn capsule collection. Pre-loved Assembly Label items that are deemed beyond repair are responsibly recycled. If they can’t be reused they are turned into yarn or converted into biofuels.


If you’re holding onto a special item you no longer wear, nothing is quite as satisfying as gifting it to someone you love. But if you’re doing a big declutter, re-selling pieces that have value is a great way to make some extra money and extend the lifecycle of your clothes. We encourage you to embrace the circular practices that work for you, whether that’s donating to charity, selling via a marketplace platform or contributing to a service like Re-Worn.

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