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Sleepwear with Kate Dalton

Sleepwear with Kate Dalton
Alongside the release of our new summer sleepwear collection, we speak with Byron-based naturopath and nutritionist Kate Dalton of Mayde Tea about sleep routines and how to create the perfect environment for settling in for a good night’s rest.

Beginning as a bit of an experiment with mixing herbs in her own home to assist with her health, Kate Dalton fell in love with the process after finding incredible results. She founded Mayde Tea while working and studying full time and the brand has since gone on to be celebrated by tea lovers and those committed to incorporating natural health remedies into their everyday.

Offering 13 therapeutic tea blends, each Mayde Tea is hand-blended and offers certified organic ingredients designed to support energy, restoration and digestion.

Tell us about your relationship and collaborations with Assembly Label.

I’m very much about quality over quantity, especially when it comes to clothing, and I love natural cottons and linens so I have always been a fan of the brand. We have a collaboration tea blend called the Coastal Blend, as well as our new mini jars, which we sell in all Assembly Label stores. I love so many different styles by the brand, from swimwear to linen shorts and basic tees, and am stoked I now have a way to wear Assembly from day through to night with their new sleepwear range.

Do you have a regular sleep routine? If so, what consists of you preparing for a good night’s rest?

From the moment I get into my pj’s I’m in wind-down mode so I tend to do this (sometimes hilariously) early. I always meditate before dinner for 20 minutes and then have an early and light meal around 6pm. I think it’s so important not to have a huge amount of food in your digestive system overnight, especially not anything too hard to digest.

I like to completely relax after dinner and I always have a tea, of course. We are mindful not to talk about work around this time (my partner and I are both very keen business owners!) and usually instead either read, or just relax with our dog and talk. We never have bright lights on at this time, we’ll just have candles or a lamp on so our sleep/wake hormones know it’s almost time for bed. If my mind is busy I’ll simply write a list for the next day.

What teas would you recommend for winding down and assisting with the perfect sleep?

I created Serenity as a pre-slumber elixir, as it’s incredibly nourishing to both the digestive and nervous systems. It has a beautiful, calming floral flavour.

I also made our Rooibos Turmeric Chai as an anti-inflammatory tonic that is high in antioxidants and minerals. Before bed is the perfect time to flush your body with its’ goodness! I have this tea with almond milk and a touch of honey as a bit of a pretend dessert. It has the warm spiciness of chai but is naturally caffeine-free.

If I’ve been out to dinner and got a bit too excited, I’ll have a big pot of digest tea. It’s a mix of therapeutic herbs that soothe the length of the digestive system, so it’s perfect after a meal.

Between your time given to Mayde Tea, how do you like to make and spend time just for you?

Time out for myself each day is really important to me. I love doing the lighthouse walk here in Byron, taking my dog for a walk around bangalow or going for a surf. Basically, anything that takes me away from being tempted to check my emails! I always make sure I wake and do one of these things before touching any technology. I find it important to set myself up for a productive day.

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m slowly making my way through an issue of apartamento; I love reading people’s interviews.
This sounds super nerdy, but I also love flicking through my naturopathy text books, so I have a small pile of them next to my desk.


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Photography by Anwyn Howarth