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Translating Musical Harmony Into Art with Saxon Quinn

Translating Musical Harmony Into Art with Saxon Quinn
Saxon Quinn is an emerging artist based in Melbourne. Inspired by his travels, his work takes cues from the asphalt sprawl streetscapes of our cities. In his latest body of work, Heavy Harmony, Saxon explores sensory cross-pollination by translating musical harmony as a visible concept. To learn more about his art practice, we visited Saxon at his Cheltenham studio.

Photography: Annika Kafcaloudis

What can you tell us about the body of work, Heavy Harmony, showing at Saint Cloche this month?

Heavy harmony is my visual representation of the musical term 'harmony' - “Harmony is the composition of individual sounds analysed by hearing, simultaneously occurring frequencies, pitches, or chords.”  

The works attempt to depict how individual sounds might look when sprawled out across the concrete canvas...the silences, the layered frequencies - each mark identifying as its own individual meaning to be interpreted by each individual viewing the works. The balanced placement of shapes and markings that overlay the inconsistent concrete allow the eyes to sing their way through the works. 

Were these paintings made in response to any particular songs or musical works?

Yeah, there's definitely a couple of songs that played an important role during developing the series.

Eric Satie - 'Gymnopedie No.1'
John Coltran - 'Alabama' Live at Birdland
The Neville Brothers - 'Yellow Moon'
Satori Remix - 'Syria' 
Nicola Crus - 'La Cosecha'

Photography: Annika Kafcaloudis

How did you come to settle on or discover the specific base - concrete - that you use in each of your works?

I've always been fascinated with concrete and the way it ages. I love how raw it is and how it looks when beaten, chipped and stained. It's everywhere and its beauty is somewhat unappreciated.

Are there any other mediums that you're experimenting with at the moment?

I'm beginning to work more and more with raw canvas whilst keeping the rough, warm aesthetics that are seen in my cement works.

Photography: Annika Kafcaloudis

In what kind of environment do you make your works? Tell us about your studio setup.

I begin by sketching out my ideas at home and then create the physical works at my studio in Cheltenham. The studio is in the back section of a larger warehouse that I share with Moonpool - a bespoke furniture design company. It has huge industrial windows, allowing beautiful natural light to stream through.

Would you say you have a daily uniform? 

When painting I usually wear paint covered rags, but day to day it's Assembly Label basics. It's the only brand of tees I wear!

What are you looking forward to?

Seeing my family here in Melbourne and my wife's family in Brazil. Summer, a holiday, continuing to paint and exhibit...

Photography: Annika Kafcaloudis

Saxon's show, Heavy Harmony, is showing at Saint Cloche 15 – 26 September 2021. For more information, visit Saint Cloche.

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