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Kelly Müller On Storytelling And Uniform Dressing

Kelly Müller On Storytelling And Uniform Dressing
Kelly Müller is the Director of Kelly Müller Consulting, a boutique marketing, PR and brand strategy consultancy led by her and her husband Josh. The pair juggle business and family life in beautiful Lennox Head with their two children Ari & Sunny. Speaking with Kelly, she muses on her love of storytelling, the definition of 'home' and her approach to uniform dressing.

Kelly wears the Double Breasted Linen Blazer in Husk with the High Waist Flare Jean in Stone Blue. Josh wears the Standard Tee in White.

I describe myself as…

a hardworking, strategic, multitasking business owner and a nurturing & present mother trying to give the best of me to both. It's beautiful chaos.

I'm currently working on...

a wonderfully diverse mix of clients. Our consultancy operates almost as an external Marketing Director for many of our clients where we work across brand strategy, digital marketing, influencer marketing and PR, copywriting, content strategy, social media strategy and general brand consulting depending on their needs. We work across fashion, lifestyle and beauty clients in both Australia and New Zealand.

On chair: The Double Breasted Linen Blazer in Husk.

A part of my work I love the most is…

telling a brand's story. All of our clients are creative geniuses and the product speaks for itself, but it's when we get the chance to extract the vision of the business and bring this to the forefront in a consistent, relevant and memorable way - that's what I love the most.

My morning routine looks...

different depending on what day it is. If it's a pilates morning, I am relieved of all duties and am out the door before the morning rush. If not, I am lucky enough to have my husband bring me a coffee in bed most mornings and then it's a bit of 'divide and conquer'. Everything from making breakfast to packing lunchboxes and school bags, playing Lego and building blocks all while trying to have a shower and get dressed for the day. 

Kelly wears the Crew Tee in Black with the High Waist Flare Jean in Stone Blue. 

I draw inspiration from...

everywhere, but mostly conversations I have with the people around me. I am lucky to have some very special humans in my life, all of which work in different industries and have different backgrounds and stories. Just chatting with them about life can lead to something that inspires me in my own life or business. 

Right now, I feel...

a mix of emotions. I adore my family and am very proud of the life we've created, but owning your own business (and a service based one at that) means it's not easy to ever switch off. I feel both content and stretched. I'm also desperately hoping that Australia can get COVID under control so that we can head back to New Zealand to see our families. It's been a year since we've seen them and I want my children to be able to see their grandparents again. 

Kelly wears the Crew Tee in Black with the High Waist Flare Jean in Stone Blue. 

Home is...

not a place but a person - or in my case, people. However, this little family of four is about to build our first house so I guess home might mean even more very soon.

My personal style is...

a bit all over the place at the moment. Living in Lennox and working from home whilst juggling kids means I am often in a simple tee and shorts, swimmers or activewear most of the time. To be honest, my 'actual' style probably isn't much different - I'm a monochromatic, uniform dresser and I pretty much only own black, white and denim. If I get the chance to get 'dressed' I love to wear silk shirts or cotton tees and jeans or smock dresses with chunky sandals. I love natural fabrics because of how they feel on my skin and how well they wear. If I want to feel dressed up, I love adding a red lip or heels but that happens very, very rarely these days.


Right now I’m reading, watching, listening to…

my friend Tess Robinson just sent me Felicity Harley's book - Balance & Other B.S.: How to hold it together when you're having (doing) it all, which I am looking forward to reading when I get a chance.  I listen to a lot of podcasts but currently on high rotation are Oprah's Soul Conversations (always a great listen), Michelle Obama's podcast (I am in awe of that woman) and Smart People Podcast. I just listened to Vikram Mansharamani – Even Experts Don’t Know Everything which was excellent.

My ideal weekend starts with...

an early pilates class, followed by coffee with my family from our local, Shelter, then the morning at the beach. All four of us love the ocean so we're very lucky to live where we do, as we're truly spoilt for choice with beautiful beaches (this obviously wasn't something that happened by chance). Afternoons outside always make me happy and ending the day with a margarita or a glass of red is always a treat.

Josh wears the Standard Tee in White.

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