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Celebrating Father’s Day

Celebrating Father’s Day

For some, Father’s Day is a celebratory event. For others, it’s a more poignant occasion. And for Matt Ogilvie, it’s a day for hand-made cards, sleep-ins (if he’s lucky) and a trip to the markets with children Theo, 5, and Lucia, 1. 

 Matt is the co-founder of furniture and design studio McMullin & Co, which he manages alongside his partner in business and life Alice McMullin, the company's founder and creative director. We recently caught up with the family of four at their showroom in Sydney’s inner-west, where we asked Matt to share his thoughts on fatherhood and what he’s learned since becoming a dad.



What are guys up to this Father’s Day?

We’re hoping the kids give us a little sleep-in, which is highly unlikely. We’ll probably head down to the Marrickville (Addison Road) Organic Food Market for breakfast and buy some fresh sourdough for lunch. It’s always the simple things!


Managing a business and being a father of two… what’s your secret to finding a balance? Or is there no such thing?

You can find balance, but it usually doesn’t last long as life with children, a career and a business will always have its moments. Each family manages it differently, but I think for us it’s about (trying!) to constantly communicate, so both of us feel we’re on the same page and splitting the load.


You support your team and your children — who, or what, supports you?

Having grown up with a big family village around us in New Zealand, living in Sydney with kids has always had its challenges. But without sounding too cheesy, the one constant since we moved here eight years ago has been my one and only life, business and best friend, Alice… I couldn’t do anything without her.


“What I learned from my Dad is not to be afraid to grow and change alongside your children. Even if you’re a dad, you’re still human and have hopes, dreams and aspirations, too.”


What did you learn about parenthood from your own father?

I never truly understood and appreciated how much love my Dad had for me, and how much work he did, until I had my own child. What I learned from my Dad, even as a parent, is not to be afraid to grow and change alongside your children. Even if you’re a dad, you’re still human and have hopes, dreams and aspirations, too.


And what’s something your father taught you that you’ll teach your children?

Don’t take life too seriously and enjoy the little moments — like when he and I would sing his favourite Queen albums on the ride to school. It’s often these moments that we treasure the most when looking back.


Reflecting on the days your children were born — what was that like for you?

The first born is always a rush of emotions… but thinking back I was mostly filled with fear, anxiety and confusion about how this new little human is going to disrupt and change my life as I knew it. Little did I know it was just the beginning of the best days of my life.  


How has fatherhood changed you?

While it’s no doubt life-changing, I think there’s a misconception that just having a baby can change you. I think as a father you must make a conscious decision to change yourself to be a better person for your children, because after having a child life’s no longer just about you. In saying that, I also think all dads and father figures have their own personal experiences as parenthood isn’t as simple as you see in the movies.



What’s something you would tell your younger self in preparation for parenthood?

Enjoy every second of uninterrupted sleep… oh, and hangovers without kids.


Do you see any of your own unique traits in your children?

Theo has a cheeky streak and an answer for everything, which I think Alice will tell you is from me. Lucia definitely shares my Pacific Island side of the family’s love of food.


And what trait would you most like to pass on to them?

I hope they grow up with their own sense of confidence and belief in themselves.


What’s your favourite thing to do with your children at the moment?

Walking down to Gelato Franco in Marrickville to get an ice cream. There’s nothing better.


And for those wondering what to buy their dad… what do dads really want for Father’s Day?

Sleep seems to be a recurring theme…but honestly, nothing beats a hand-drawn card and a big hug.

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