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Curing Homesickness

Curing Homesickness
We've partnered with Curing Homesickness, a new fundraising initiative that unites children's hospitals around Australia. To support the cause, we've designed a limited-edition tee to help get kids home from hospital. 

Every year, children account for one million admissions to hospitals in Australia – and the number is rising. A child may be there for a day, a week or even months, and they may be there for many different reasons, but there’s something all kids in hospital suffer from: homesickness.

Homesickness, or the distress of being away from home is very real. Severe homesickness in children can lead to social and behavioural problems, anxiety and coping issues, and feelings of helplessness. Studies also show that severe homesickness symptoms only worsen in children the longer they are away from home.

In proud support of the new Curing Homesickness campaign, we've released an exclusive and limited-edition range of t-shirts, with 100% of sales being donated to the initiative. The campaign brings together children’s hospitals and paediatric services from across Australia to raise money to get kids home from hospital sooner.

Available for men, women and children, our limited edition tees will be helping every child in hospital by ensuring money raised from the campaign will go towards funding the very best medical equipment, research and services to get kids back home sooner where they belong.

To better understand the significance of this initiative, we spoke to Nicola Stokes, CEO of Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, who explained the origins and goals of this great cause.

Can you tell us about the Curing Homesickness campaign?

The Curing homesickness initiative came about after research confirmed that no matter what a child is in hospital for, be it illness or injury, there is one thing that they all suffer from - homesickness.

So, to make a real difference to kids’ emotional wellbeing, we knew this was one thing we had to address because the only cure for homesickness is home.

 Why is it important to spread this message?

We believe kids don’t belong in hospital, they belong at home, and we are rallying support from all around Australia to make sure we can cure homesickness for every child in every community nationally.

When I shared our idea for Curing Homesickness with colleagues at other children’s hospital foundations across Australia, they immediately wanted to work with us to help every child get home sooner. We’re so pleased Assembly Label joined us in supporting this campaign.

How will the Curing Homesickness campaign help?

Donations will go towards helping kids in hospital get back home where they belong, by investing in research, equipment, and the amazing health professionals who deliver the care our children need.

Funds will also be used to cure homesickness by developing services to connect kids to their homes and making them feel more at home during their hospital stay.

How does it feel having iconic brands and celebrities champion the cause?

There is so much going on in the world, so when people and organisations take time to run with an idea for the good of children everywhere, it makes me feel inspired and hopeful for the future.

To learn more about the campaign, visit or watch the film below.

To show your support, purchase a tee or donate here