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Celebrating Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother's Day
This year, we visited the home of Jordana Henry to discuss the ways in which she strives for work-life balance, the family traditions she has created, and the life lessons she wishes to instil in her daughter.

Jordana wears the Myla Knit in Natural and the High Waist Flare Jean in Vintage Blue.

Hi Jordana! Tell us about yourself and what you do

I’m a practicing artist and also currently studying architecture as well as a co-owner of an art gallery (Yeah Nice Gallery).

What is your favourite part of being a mother?

There are so many parts that I love but I guess at the moment I’m enjoying watching my little girl grow into the lovely, hilarious, and slightly eccentric person that she is. The things she comes out with at the moment blow us away.

Jordana wears the Myla Knit in Natural and the High Waist Flare Jean in Vintage Blue. Troy wears the Basic Crew Pullover in Indigo and the Standard Jean in Stone Blue.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt from your mum?

That you can only ever try your hardest to be the best person that you can be. If you're doing that then there is nothing else left to do. Also, that sometimes you have to do the unglamorous to get by and that’s okay.

What values do you hope to instil in your daughter Minty?

To know that diversity is beautiful, education is key and small acts of kindness go further than you think. 

What family traditions do you have, or hope to create?

Our regular camping trips with friends is a tradition we started before Minty was born and have continued since. They are really special times for us and something we hope to keep going for many years to come. Also, cooking together on special occasions, music on, wine poured with lots of laughter.

Can you share with us your favourite way to spend a weekend morning together?

Coffee and pastries always come first, followed by a morning at the beach surfing together as a family.

Jordana wears the Myla Knit in Natural and the High Waist Flare Jean in Vintage Blue.

Now more than ever, we are leaning on our family and loved ones to support us in our pursuit of work/life balance. How have you approached achieving this balance during what has been such an unsettling time?

This is hard…I don’t think there is really a formal for this. It’s always a juggle between time with Minty, making art, the gallery, and studying! Not putting too many expectations on myself helps and remembering that she is only this little once and it’s important to cherish this time together.

Tell us about your self-care practice - how do you nurture yourself?

I’ve recently rekindled my love for yoga! It reminds me to breathe whilst also building strength. I also love taking the time out to spend with my girlfriends.

    Jordana wears the Myla Knit in Natural and Troy wears the Basic Crew Pullover in Indigo.

    What is most important to you right now?

    Right now…family, friends, and good health are most important to me. This crazy time in the world has forced me to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

      Finally, How will you and your family be spending Mother’s Day this year

      Usually, we go camping this weekend but as we can’t do that...Hopefully, a slow morning of coffee and food, followed by some “me time” and then maybe dinner with my mum! 

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