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Behind The Design Of Our Karrinyup Store

Behind The Design Of Our Karrinyup Store

Following the recent opening of our retail store in Karrinyup, WA, we wanted to share some of the creative thinking and intent that goes into the design of our stores. Our retail environments each have their own individual identity  influenced by their surroundings  however, they are woven together by an underlying design language which is largely defined by an enduring, warm and minimalist aesthetic.  

For our Karrinyup store, we collaborated with Sydney-based studio We Are Triibe to design a retail space that feels as warm and inviting as home. We’ve worked with We Are Triibe to design a number of our stores to date, and to each project they bring their signature relaxed and timeless aesthetic, alongside subtle, functional details that make for exceptional in-store experiences.  

We speak with one of We Are Triibe’s Directors, Christina Symes, to learn more about the store's design.

Dressing room details.

A.L. Your design for the Karrinyup store is a creative interpretation of the Assembly Label aesthetic. How have you translated a minimalist design language into this space?

Our focus is always to give each Assembly Label store its own identity while retaining the familiar undercurrent of its brand identity. The Karrinyup store embodies a minimalist design language by showcasing timeless and neutral tone materials, considered joinery design details and spacious circulation throughout the store – all of which create a space that allows each product on display to have its own presence while ensuring customers can navigate throughout the store with ease and comfort. 

A.L. Can you tell us about some of the design choices made regarding material, texture and colour?

We share the same values as Assembly Label about the importance of striving towards a more sustainable future. We always ensure to incorporate high-quality, sustainable materials and furniture pieces into their stores by supporting environmentally conscious Australian made artisans and suppliers. For Karrinyup, we have integrated neutral tone elements such as sandblasted stone flooring and plinths, recycled fabric for the change room curtains, sand-rendered walls, custom timber joinery and an incredible feature artwork by Denise Napangati that really completes the space.   

A.L. What makes a space feel warm and welcoming?

Considered lighting, a balance of natural and tonal materials and a friendly smile to greet you.

A.L. Are there any particular design details that are deliberate but maybe not immediately obvious to our customers?

To create a homey feel within the space, we incorporated a void in the ceiling around the display shelving to give the illusion of a skylight. We also designed the timber change room frames to resemble residential doorways.

A.L. What kind of in-store experience do you hope that the design facilitates for people? 

Our design intent for the Assembly Label stores is always to create a space that evokes a feeling of being at home and of familiarity and comfort, regardless of whether it’s a customer’s first or fiftieth visit to their store. If we’re able to ignite a true sense of happiness and joy within someone while they’re experiencing an Assembly Label space, that’s the ultimate outcome. 

A.L. Generally speaking, what do you enjoy about designing retail spaces? 

We love translating different brand identities into each retail space that we design, not only for the client but mostly for every individual that experiences that space. Being able to stimulate the senses and tell a story about a brand through the interior design that people feel genuinely drawn to, and associate with the brand, makes our job meaningful and it’s what we love most about what we do. 

Feature artwork by Denise Napangati.

A.L. How do you think the space will resonate with our community? 

We hope the space welcomes new and old faces, and plays a small part in making the Assembly Label community feel good.  

We always ensure to incorporate high-quality, sustainable materials and furniture pieces into their stores by supporting environmentally conscious Australian made artisans and suppliers.