Free gift with purchase for all orders over $150*

At Assembly Label, we’re not just striving to build a great business but to create a business that has a positive impact through our community. That's why we're giving you the chance to choose your price and help support Curing Homesickness to get kids home from hospital sooner.


How does it work?

All styles on our Choose What You Pay store are offered at up to 50% off the standard retail price with three additional pricing options. If you choose to pay more for the product, the difference will be donated to charity and matched equally by Assembly Label. The more you pay, the more we both contribute and the greater the total donation. Here's how it works:

Original Price $100
Choose What You Pay $60 $65 $70 $75
Your Donation - $5 $10 $15
Our Donation - $5 $10 $15
Total Donation - $10 $20 $30

Please note, all items are final sale. For more information, please visit our FAQ.

Where do the donations go?

We believe kids don’t belong in hospital, they belong at home. Curing Homesickness is a joint fundraising initiative that brings children’s hospitals and paediatric services from across Australia together.

Money raised will go towards helping kids in hospital get back home where they belong by investing in vital funding needs such as research, the latest equipment and the amazing health professionals who deliver the care our children need. Funds will be also used to cure homesickness by developing services to connect kids to home while in hospital and making kids feel a bit more at home during their hospital stay.

Learn more about the campaign at

What else are you doing to help?

At Assembly Label, we’re not just striving to build a great business but to create a business that has a positive impact. We want to help make a difference through the products we make, the platform we have, and the community we create.

It’s still early days for us but we’re implementing a number of key initiatives across our business to reduce our environmental impact. This year, we made a move towards environmentally friendly packaging for our products made from 100% biodegradable material. Wherever possible, we try to minimise the amount of waste across our business and also provide reusable fabric tote bags rather than disposable shopping bags in all our stores.

We appreciate our customers being mindful of where their clothes are from and especially for caring about the welfare of those who make them. We’re working towards delivering 100% transparency on our manufacturing processes, to provide information on where and how our garments are produced. Our founders and design team manage the production of our garments and take regular trips to our factories in China to connect with manufacturers and visit the factories making our products.

Looking to the future, our goal is to become a certified B Corporation, meaning that we obtain the highest standards of ethical measurement across all aspects of our business. We are mindful of not promoting the ethical and sustainability factors of Assembly Label until we are 100% satisfied with all areas. However, we always welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers about ways we can improve our practices.